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Would you like to grow your own beautiful, organic Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms?  Did you know that Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms (as well as others) love it here on the Gulf Coast?  This is an activity for people of all ages and abilities and a good family project – providing food, health and possible income.

You can start from scratch or with pre-inoculated materials.  Pre-inoculated Shiitake Mushroom logs can save hours of labor, months of waiting and will last several seasons.  Oyster Mushroom “Gro-blocks” will grow dirt-free mushrooms from bags soon after you receive them and can last a few months, after which they can be composted or used to start outdoor patches.  There is also Sawdust Spawn for inoculating your own logs, wood stacks, outdoor patches, etc.

You can get online or hands-on instruction (locally).

Please write for free introductory info – a good general overview of what you’ll need and what I can offer, as well as other sources for information and materials.

I can also help you learn to identify wild mushrooms, a useful skill and great activity.


PHOTOS:  To see some photos of Home Cultivated and Local Wild specimens please use these links:

CULTIVATED_Gourmet/Medicinal  or


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